April 10, 2012 at 9:42 AM

Redemption: and Iplaywinner production promo.

Fighting gamers tell their stories of loss and redemption. To quote Kate Cox of Kotaku.com, “

You can watch the emotions chase across the faces of every player interviewed for the video, lighting up as they remember their finest moments and quieting as they describe their losses. But every loss is a lesson, and the most touching moments come from watching the players learn to move past their regrets.

"These things happen," Andry Kane manages with a smile. "The game is brutal. Ruthless. Unforgiving, that’s a good word for it." But accepting defeat and learning to move on makes winning all the sweeter down the line.".

Even if you aren’t into fighting games, I encourage you to watch this. Why? Because it is inspiring. It can be related to any endeavor that you have or had in your life. It is barely about the fighting games itself.

Also, if you are a film student, the camera work is amazing, in my opinion and I think it is worth looking at for that reason as well.